Manicure for short nails summer 2024

Manicure for short nails summer 2024

Ideas for gentle and well-groomed hands

In the summer, girls want to show off not only delicate and well-groomed hands, but also a bright and attention-grabbing manicure. In this review, we have collected all the latest trendy ideas, techniques and examples of nail design for the summer 2024 season.

Note – today in the article we will pay full attention to those with short nails, so if you are planning to shorten your length or you simply prefer this style, then our review will be very helpful. Manicure for short nails summer 2024

Manicure for short nails with design

In the summer you want change and transformation: this also applies to style and image in general, makeup and, of course, manicure. An interesting manicure with a design just allows you to add some zest to your look. Among the trends worth paying attention to are the following ideas:

bright prints, designs and ornaments;
kamifubuki design;
brilliant manicure options;
quail egg design;
marble or stone design;
original versions of French manicure (with multi-colored tips, with holes, etc.).

Dots nail design: 30 creative designs for any nail shape

Dots are a nail art tool that allows you to create creative designs on any nail shape.

Only real professionals can use dots, as it requires care.

They use ready-made schemes, or you can come up with a design yourself.

Abstraction in dots manicure

To create a stylish abstract design, you can use dots. You can choose a clear design with distinctive curls and lines, or make a more subtle option in which the dots are a little blurry. You can choose the brightest colors in the design.

Drawings of animals in dots manicure
Dots make very cute animals. Using this tool you can draw almost any animal, but to do this you must first prepare a diagram. Sometimes dots simply highlight a ready-made artistic drawing or stamping.

Dots manicure lines
Dots lines look more impressive and original. To draw several lines, just dip the dots in the polish and run over your nails. The nail art master and the woman themselves determine the number of lines and additional points.

Flowers in dots manicure
To create a design of daisies or other flowers, you can use not only brushes and artistic painting, but also make them into dots. First, place the main point, which will act as the center of the flower, and only then decorate it with additional points. It is better to do this design in different shades to make the manicure look more vibrant.

Polka dots manicure
The easiest, but no less popular dots pattern is polka dots. This design doesn’t even require an additional pattern; you can arrange the polka dots in a chaotic order or just follow their arrangement a little to repeat it on other nails. The number of points is determined depending on the client’s wishes.

Dots nail design: the most beautiful ideas

Dots can create a very effective and stylish design on your nails. The application technique can be different; it is possible to arrange the dots in any order or create specific patterns.

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