How to ennoble and decorate a dacha plot with your own hands

English country garden and patio still full of flowers in October, dahlias, pink roses, fuchsias, geraniums and purple Calibrachoa Callie,(mini petunias), Surrey, England.

How to ennoble and decorate a dacha plot with your own hands ?

Many owners of a dacha plot or a private house want to see on the territory adjacent to the house not only beds, fruit trees and shrubs, but also elements of decoration that improve the mood.

English country garden and patio still full of flowers in October, dahlias, pink roses, fuchsias, geraniums and purple Calibrachoa Callie,(mini petunias), Surrey, England.

After all, the dacha plot today is, first of all, a place of rest, where it is pleasant to spend time after a hard day’s work or a whole week.

Even a small plot of land can be turned into an attractive and cosy territory that combines several functions. Each person in his own way arranges and decorates the adjacent territory, depending on the means, strength and free time.

How to ennoble a dacha plot? There are a lot of options, and it is not necessary to implement everything you have seen and read on your plot. Now step by step we will move forward and equip our dacha plot. And so on the road!

Step one. High-quality and well-groomed lawn – the key to success

Sometimes it is enough to equip a small area with a beautiful lawn, and the appearance of the site will change significantly for the better.

However, to maintain this beauty you will have to work hard. Only when certain steps are taken will the lawn be beautiful and well-maintained:

quality planting material adapted to your climate;
a trimmed and neat lawn edge (curb tape can be used);
timely mowing of overgrown grass;
fertilising, weeding, watering and “repairing” the green carpet.

Unusual lawn shapes will give the lawn a special decorative effect.

Step two. Garden paths

Any, even the most beautiful and well-maintained lawn looks lonely. What to do? Decorate the lawn with a decorative path.

This can be a step-by-step path from concrete slabs, flat stone, wooden spiles. You can decorate the path with brick or any stone chips, make it out of ordinary paving tiles, lay out a mosaic. Choose an acceptable option for yourself, corresponding to the general appearance of the site and the house.

Step three. Decorative arches

Is a green lawn not enough for you? The garden path is pleasing, but something is missing? Then let’s take it a step further. Install a decorative arch or pergola along the path. A structure wrapped in climbing plants will decorate the plot and invite you to enter the garden or a relaxing area.

Several arches, installed one after another, will eventually overgrow with plants so that they create a pleasant shady corner where you can hide from the scorching sun and relax from work.

The choice of plants for arches is great: from the usual maiden grapes and ivy to beautifully flowering vines (honeysuckle, clematis, bush rose). But even maiden grapes will delight you during the season with the variety of their colour range: delicate green leaves in spring, rich greens in summer, and especially beautiful reddish leaves in autumn.

Step four. Flower beds and flowerbeds

Flowers and various floral compositions give a special decorative effect to the plot. To make such compositions look beautiful, it is better to arrange them in the form of flowerbeds or organised flowerbeds with the selection of planting material corresponding to the colour range and flowering period. In the composition of the bed can be both annuals and perennials, flowers and ornamental herbaceous plants that differ in height.

You can plant plants as a border along the lawn.

Or arrange a dense bed of different heights somewhere in the centre of the green lawn.

And how many options exist for the design of flower beds. This and framing them with different materials: wicker, wooden fence or bricks around the perimeter, wooden spiles or decorative cuttings, fencing from plastic bottles; or a completely unusual use of improvised material and even household items.

An ordinary old log, which has been lying somewhere on the plot or in the woods for a long time, can become an attractive flowerbed. In the same way you can decorate the stump of a cut tree or an old tub.

Many people are fond of an unusual design move – decorating the garden with unusable means of transport (cart, bicycle, boat). Decorated in the form of flower beds, they become the main art object in the garden.

And even an old retro car that has been sitting idle in your grandfather’s garage for a long time can become a landscape element.

Alpine slides are particularly popular. But to create them, it is sometimes necessary to correct the relief of the plot and select the “right” stones. On a flat, level terrain, a slide made of round cobbles and decorated with plants will look like a “dog grave”. Such a slide will be random and will not add any additional beauty to your plot.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of stones for the alpinarium. Stones are selected not only by shape, but also taking into account the plants that you plan to plant in this composition.

If still on the site there is no extra space for the design of a beautiful flower bed, then a piece of land near the house will certainly be found. Here you can arrange a decorative front garden.

Of course, the flowers also need care: weeding, feeding, watering, otherwise a beautiful flowerbed will turn into a neglected thicket.

If you do not have enough time or space, but if you want to decorate the garden plot, use flowerpots, tubs or garden vases for planting unpretentious flowering plants. Such elements can be easily moved from one area to another as desired.

As vases can be used and any unusable utensils (pots, buckets, watering cans), and here you can be creative. Decorate the products with mosaics, painting, glue them with wooden slats, braid with a harness or vine – whatever your imagination is enough.

As a cachepot you can use and old shoes – a very interesting and original solution.

Step five. Arrangement of a water reservoir

Let’s continue moving forward. What else to decorate the garden plot? Or maybe we dig a pond? On a sufficiently spacious area you can place a pond or a pool. If there is not enough space – a small mini pond or stream. This construction will certainly become a highlight of the landscape.

To arrange a swimming pool requires considerable funds and appropriate preparation. And a mini-pond to build a mini-pond is possible for everyone. To create a reservoir, you can buy ready-made moulds made of plastic, or make a concrete base. As a bowl is suitable and an old bathtub.

Much attention should be paid to the external design of the pond, planting plants and decorative lighting.

Arranged over the pond or stream bridge will give even more decorativeness to the overall composition.

Let’s keep moving. Step six – decor

Decor – a set of elements to decorate something. Our task is to decorate the dacha plot. What else can you decorate the territory, in addition to the above techniques?

Garden sculpture – an object designed not only to decorate the garden, but also to attract and stop the eye. Garden sculpture should be in keeping with the general style of the garden. It is very important not to overload the territory with these elements.

Garden sculptures and various crafts can be made with your own hands from improvised material. The rule is the same – do not overdo it. Too many different crafts will break the harmony of the garden.

The fence on the dacha plot can become not only an element of fencing, but also a decorative component of the whole appearance of the territory. There are many ways to create a fence and decorate the existing fence.

If there is a path of wooden spiles on the plot, it is absolutely appropriate to decorate some part of the fence with the same spiles.

Fence-weave perfectly combines with the elements of the landscape, decorated in the same style.

Decorate the fence can be various hinged elements, painting, or flowing plants – vines. The flight of fancy is unlimited.

An integral part of the decoration of the garden is garden furniture. And everyone chooses it in accordance with his taste and style of the house.

A table set in the shade of trees is not only a decoration of the site, but also the main place where the family gathers for lunches, tea and conversations.

Step Seven. Beautiful beds

Even the most trivial beds can become a real decoration of the garden plot if you approach their design appropriately.

The beds designed in the style of a regular French garden will combine two functions at once: beauty and rational use of the territory.

A bed designed in the form of a flower bed will undoubtedly decorate any garden plot.

In this case, the beauty of the bed is achieved by a competently selected assortment of plants, both in shape and colour.

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