Blood Cleansing with folk remedies

Blood Cleansing with folk remedies – ways to strengthen the body

Cleaning blood at home is a completely simple procedure that does not require any special medical knowledge or superhuman efforts. If only everyone knew how many resources, gifted by nature, are at hand, with the help of which you can radically improve your well-being and general condition of the body! Many of them are also applicable for blood purification.

Both traditional and folk medicine insist that it would be a good idea for everyone to carry out this procedure at least several times a year. We have universalized the information received from both sources and are happy to share it with you!

Blood is a complex fluid that circulates through the circulatory system. It includes four main components:

Red blood cells
Red blood cells are red blood cells that give it a dark burgundy or scarlet hue (this is due to where it flows: in arteries, veins or vessels). They are also the most numerous shaped elements. They circulate in the body for 120 days, after which they are destroyed by the liver. Red blood cells play a leading role in transporting oxygen to internal organs.

Toxins prevent blood cells from circulating freely

Plasma is the liquid part of blood, consisting of water and proteins. Performs the functions of an intercellular substance. It contains an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances, without which the body’s functioning would be impossible.

Leukocytes, or white blood cells, are part of the human immune system. They play the role of peculiar protectors of the body from harmful compounds or bodies. A healthy person should have much less leukocytes than any other blood components.

Platelets, or blood platelets, are responsible for blood clotting. This protective mechanism is necessary to prevent blood loss in the event of damage to the vessel, thereby protecting it from negative consequences, including death. Platelets actively interact with proteins contained in plasma.

So, we see that in addition to the role of connective tissue, blood performs many important functions. Let’s highlight the main ones.

Blood is involved in the respiratory and digestive process, and very actively. With every breath, vital oxygen enters our lungs, and it is the blood that carries it further throughout the body, saturating the tissues of all internal organs. It also returns carbon dioxide, which we then exhale into the atmosphere. In addition, with the help of blood, our organs receive useful substances synthesized from food, and it removes those metabolic products that remain unnecessary or unsuitable for life, and we get rid of them along with urine.

Blood transports nutrients throughout the body

Leukocytes, interacting with plasma, act as protectors against infections and foreign harmful substances that enter the body. In addition, they destroy old or dying tissues, preventing them from spreading pathogenic influence.

Regulating body temperature
Blood carries heat throughout the body, evenly distributing it between the tissues of the internal organs. In this way, a favorable temperature regime is maintained, which in an adult healthy person is 36.6 °C.

Failure to perform even one of the functions presented above entails very serious consequences. And in order for the blood to do its job efficiently, it must be supported by a balanced diet, physical activity, walks in the fresh air and regular sanitization. By the way, blood cleansing helps get rid of acne, dermatitis and other similar ailments. This procedure provides quite a significant cosmetic effect.

Blood Cleansing Products
So what will help us get rid of harmful substances contained in the blood that prevent our body from functioning fully and being strong? The first thing that usually comes to mind is, of course, medications or some expensive medical procedures using special equipment. Visit any private clinic, and all this goodness will be offered to you by car and a small cart. But is there really a need to make such sacrifices and spend a lot of money? Of course not.

Beetroot promotes effective blood cleansing

Beetroot promotes effective blood cleansing

Nature has taken care of the well-being of all types of living beings, including humans. Just look around, extend your hand, and you will get what you need. So, we have presented quite convincing arguments, have you realized the importance of the red substance in the body and are ready to fully cleanse the blood of toxins? Then start by studying and introducing products from this list into your diet:

Lemon. Even if you don’t like sour things and avoid citrus sides, you still can’t do without it (unless you have an individual intolerance or an allergy to citrus fruits in general, of course). Lemon helps the liver produce glutathione, a valuable type of protein that breaks down toxins and helps remove them from the blood. In addition, this fruit alkalizes the body and promotes the synthesis of certain enzymes that change the chemical structure of particularly persistent toxins to a more pliable one, making it possible to dissolve them and excrete them in the urine.
Carrot. The richest source of carotene (more of this substance is found only in sea buckthorn) and various vitamins. Carrots are also high in glutathione, so regular consumption of this vegetable can help fill the protein gap needed to cleanse the liver.
Turmeric. A natural antioxidant with a strong effect thanks to the curcumin it contains. Helps relieve the liver, improves digestion and has a general healing effect on the body. An indispensable element of the blood cleansing diet.
Broccoli. This variety of cabbage contains a huge amount of useful microelements. In the context of our article, the greatest interest is sulforaphane – a powerful cleanser that helps get rid of toxins and improves blood composition.
Beet. Contains powerful antioxidants, helps eliminate free radicals, stimulates digestion and helps the liver perform its functions.
Apples. We are interested in them primarily as fruits that significantly stimulate the production of bile. The phytoelements they contain remove toxins, waste and have a strengthening effect on the body. In addition, apples have a beneficial effect on the activity and protective properties of the immune system.
The six products listed above should always be available in your refrigerator in sufficient quantity. Even if you just eat them without preparing them in any particular way, you can achieve positive effects. The main thing is that your diet itself is healthy. If you snack on beets before a hearty dinner consisting of fried food, bread, and so on, then you are unlikely to cleanse the blood, even to a small extent.

Tip: load up on vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C – this is the key to clean and healthy blood.

Carrot juice enriches the blood with carotene

Carrot juice enriches the blood with carotene

Blood cleansing with folk remedies
If simply eating certain types of foods is not for you, and you prefer a more systematic, organized approach, then you should resort to the help of traditional medicine. One should not think that knowledge about the need for blood cleansing is a property of modern times. In the old days, people treated blood as a special substance, endowing it with even mystical properties and instinctively understanding that the general state of health largely depended on it.

In folk medicine, several effective methods of cleansing the blood with herbs and other products have been developed, which are more than relevant today. All of them are based purely on diet – no accompanying medications and no physiological effects.

So, the first recipe we will consider is blood cleansing with viburnum and calendula:

Take 50 grams of calendula and fill them with 3 liters of clean water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook for half an hour. It is important to cover the pan with a lid, so that it fits as tightly as possible, otherwise many useful substances will be lost along with the steam.
When the broth has cooled, strain it thoroughly. Add a cup of honey and natural viburnum juice – about two cups.
Mix the mixture thoroughly, pour into jars and store in the refrigerator.
Take the product every morning before breakfast in the amount of half a cup.
Herbal teas are an integral component of blood cleansing therapy

Herbal teas are an integral component of blood cleansing therapy

White willow tincture. It’s even easier here than in the previous recipe:

You will need a tablespoon of white willow bark. Place it in a saucepan, add a small amount of clean water and boil.
Reduce heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes.
Let it brew for an hour or two.
Take the tincture three times a day before meals. Two tablespoons will be enough. A cleansing course using white willow bark lasts 10 days.
Curly parsley. A very old recipe that came to us from the southern regions of Russia:

Take two tablespoons of parsley roots and pour 2 glasses of clean water over them. Boil it.
As soon as the water with parsley comes to a boil, immediately turn off the heat. Leave for three hours.
Strain the broth thoroughly and pour into a jar.
Take three times daily before meals. The course length is two weeks without breaks.
Also, people have long used birch sap as a means to improve well-being and improve health. Scientific research has confirmed its high effectiveness, especially for blood purification. Drink a liter of birch sap a day for a week, then take a break for 6-7 days and repeat the course.

Despite all the usefulness of blood cleansing, this event must be approached with all responsibility. Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting a detox.

Advice: remember that a balanced diet is the key to success. Whatever folk method of blood purification you choose, it must be accompanied by a diet (nothing fried, smoked and no food of animal origin).

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