7 Places on a woman’s body that should not be exposed

Beautiful Latin American black women on a white background

7 places on a woman’s body that should not be exposed to avoid getting into an awkward position

Modern fashion is democratic and recognizes the female body as aesthetic in any form. This is probably why every year more and more models appear on the catwalk in transparent blouses, dresses with a deep neckline and mega short skirts. 7 Places on a woman’s body that should not be exposed

However, stylists recommend not to rush headlong into the pool and adhere to a few basic rules regarding which parts of the body should be covered. We talk about them in more detail.

Beautiful Latin American black women on a white background

1. Hands

If your elbows are in poor condition, you should cover them with sleeves

Now we are not talking completely about hands, but about some parts. For example, it is worth hiding your elbows if their skin has turned pale, become flabby and covered with scales. Rough elbows do not look very aesthetically pleasing, so you should not show them off to others, otherwise you risk ruining your image and catching mocking glances. Instead of a T-shirt, buy a long sleeve made of natural fabric, and instead of a short-sleeved blouse, buy a basic shirt in a men’s style. If you are choosing summer clothes, opt for items made from breathable materials, such as cotton, to avoid the heat.

Please note: A lady of an elegant age should also cover her fingers and hands, which reveal her age even if there are minimal wrinkles on her face. Use massive rings, wide bracelets and other accessories for these purposes.

2. Armpits
It is important that the underwear does not tighten the armpits and does not create folds
It is important that the underwear does not tighten the armpits and does not create folds

Many girls develop unsightly folds of fat in the armpits. The most interesting thing is that their appearance does not always depend on excess weight. As soon as you put on a too tight bra, top or dress, your armpits immediately take on an unaesthetic appearance and begin to look much fuller than they really are.

To avoid this problem, we recommend giving preference to a soft and comfortable bra that fits you perfectly. Please note that the belt should not squeeze the skin and cause discomfort. It’s very simple to check whether the bra is the right size for you: your palm should fit freely between your back and underwear. There is another way to avoid the problem – wear clothes with narrower armholes in the sleeve area.

3. Neck and décolleté

These areas show age, so it is better to cover them with dresses with a throat

No matter what age you start taking care of these two zones, they still age quickly – the skin becomes dehydrated, wrinkles appear, which are otherwise called the rings of Venus. The neckline has another weak point – this area is very susceptible to sunlight, as a result of which age spots appear.

If the care chosen by a cosmetologist does not help much, take advantage of the magical properties of clothing. Scarves, wardrobe items with a collar, for example, turtlenecks will cope with the task perfectly. Blouses are also not included in the list of prohibited clothing, but you should choose a model with a small stand. As for dresses, they should not have a deep neckline – a neat boat neckline will add elegance to the image and will not focus attention on problem areas. If your goal is to create a wow effect, give preference to outfits with an open back. You will be guaranteed admiring glances.

4. Groin area
Tight leggings make the look vulgar

An ambiguous place on a woman’s body, around which serious debate flares up, is the groin area. Some people believe that it needs to be emphasized with the help of tight clothing and special overlays, while others think that such actions will make the image vulgar and vulgar.

We belong to the second category, and therefore we are against leggings, jeans, and trousers that are too tight and tight. If, when trying on, you feel that the clothes are painfully cutting into your body and do not allow you to move normally, you should try on a model one or two sizes larger. We are not saying that the entire bottom should be voluminous, in a boyfriend style, but things should also be tight enough so that the image does not become vulgar.

5. Knees
Loose skin on the knees turns a woman into an old woman

Style icon and legendary Coco Chanel believed that if a woman shows her knees to the world, she is committing a fashion crime. The question arises: why did the fashion designer, who always went against established rules, experimented with images, and was an innovator in the fashion field, express such a zealous protest regarding open knees?

There are many reasons for this position. Firstly, the skin on the knees, as well as on the elbows, becomes flabby over time, darkens, and becomes covered with age spots. Secondly, too short skirts and shorts distort the silhouette, visually making the legs shorter and the figure fuller. If you are short and can’t get rid of extra pounds, listen to Chanel’s advice to avoid awkward situations. Midi length clothes will look much more elegant – skirts and dresses below the knee help create a feminine, romantic, graceful look and at the same time hide problem knees.

6. Belly
If you have extra pounds, you should hide them with an oversized shirt

If you have an athletic figure and a toned stomach, you can safely show it off to others with crop tops, cropped sweatshirts, and tight T-shirts. But if there are extra pounds in the waist area, and you are clearly aware of this, then you should resort to choosing other clothes in order to always look beautiful and not feel complex because of your weight.

Tight jeans and low-rise trousers, tight-fitting T-shirts and dresses are not for you, you have to put up with it. But spacious linen shirts, fashionable oversized knitted sweaters, loose T-shirts, dresses and wrap blouses will perfectly complement your wardrobe. High-waisted skirts, trousers and jeans will also come to the rescue, as they will hide the problem area. With their help, you will always look irresistible, regardless of whether you have a small tummy or not.

7. Fifth point

To wear tight clothes, you need to have a toned butt, for example, like Jennifer Lopez

Not everyone can boast of an elastic and toned butt. And if you haven’t perfected this part of the body, then why emphasize it with a skirt made of thin material, low-rise jeans, or translucent leggings? So we believe that there are no grounds for choosing such clothes. If possible, try not to draw too much attention to this area, otherwise you risk ending up in an awkward situation.

If you have definitely decided that you cannot do without tight-fitting clothes today, make sure that you are wearing seamless underwear – its contours will not be noticeable to others. But it’s still much better if all your clothes are made from high-quality fabrics that are not too tight to the body.

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